City of Character

A City of Character

We Believe Character Building is Important and Vital for Our Community’s Development

The City of Cordova became an official City of Character on October 8th, 2013 because City leaders in both the private and public sector decided that Character building was an important part of our community’s development. We hope you will agree and will help us by having discussions with your family about the importance of developing these traits into your lives.  Below is the resolution that the Cordova City Council unanimously adopted:

Whereas, we as human beings are not to judge each other based on race, color, gender, or national origin, but by the content of our character; and


Whereas, there is a growing need to emphasize the value and worth of each human being in all sectors of our community; and

Whereas, in the American culture and in our community there is a growing diversity of cultures that may lead to pluralism, not integration of cultures, creating a great need for foundational, principled, and common truths to serve as a unifying element in our community; and


Whereas, there is the potential within a culturally diverse community for its citizens to agree upon certain ethics, values, and character traits that would enhance the worth of every person, and improve life in a community; and


Whereas, there are certain character traits such as honesty, integrity, and truthfulness that all would agree as admirable and desirable human qualities, transcending age, position, financial status, culture, education, gender and personality; and


Whereas, there are already efforts in our schools, organizations, and certain businesses within our community that are educating and promoting character development;


Therefore, be it resolved that by this resolution the leaders of family, government, education, business, industry, media, civic and private organizations, and faith-based organizations, are encouraged to educate and promote character development as a vital ingredient to their operation as a successful enterprise, and for the purpose of creating and preserving a community that is known for valuing the worth and contribution of each person to the effective operation of a family, system or organization.


Be it further resolved, that by action of the Mayor and Cordova City Council, that each of these entities hereby agree to actively pursue the resources and programs that are available to have the City of Cordova be known as a city that values the dignity and worth of each of its citizens.